Nov 10

Webinar: Steel - Is it the inflection point yet or a mirage?



Global overcapacity and sluggish domestic demand have been the bane of the Indian steel industry over the past two years. If that weren't enough, number of domestic capacity additions added another spoiler.


The government's move to impose minimum import price (MIP) and anti-dumping duty after producers from China and elsewhere flooded the domestic market provided some respite, but this needs to continue if the industry has to sustain itself and also manage its debt mountain.


Domestic demand is expected to pick pace albeit dependent on government led initiatives. Also, India's role in global trade is restricted to exports for semi-finished products across the entire value chain from iron ore to semi-finished steel to finished steel & value added products. To understand the industry dynamics and predicament, CRISIL Research is conducting a webinar.


During the conference, our experts will address topics such as:
  • Global demand-supply dynamics and what have been the key trends in China Steel Industry in 2016
  • Key tactics being employed by China to rationalize its supply
  • The road ahead for the Indian steel industry in terms of demand-supply gap, trade flow, and pricing
  • The profitability picture across large, medium, and small sized players
  • How are Indian steelmakers placed versus global counterparts across the industry value chain