May 23

Webinar: Will renewable energy be a mainstream power source for India?



India's renewable energy industry is aggressively moving towards achieving the government's target of installing 175 GW capacity by 2021-22. Large-scale central and state allocations, fiscal and regulatory incentives, as well as execution support from the government through set-up of solar parks and green energy corridors are expected to drive future growth.


However, aggressive bidding, payment delays and back-down of power have cast long shadows. Further, rooftop solar projects, despite favourable economics, are witnessing limited traction because of regulatory hurdles such as net metering, poor distribution infrastructure, and lack of availability of finance.


During the conference, our experts discussed on:
  • Realistic estimates of solar and wind power capacity additions possible over 2018-22
  • Viability of recently concluded bids - wind and solar power
  • Expected evolution of the regulatory environment and its influence on future opportunity, risk and return
  • Measures to ensure smooth large scale integration of renewable energy
  • Rooftop solar market - Issues and potential mitigation measures
  • Attractiveness of states towards future capacity additions
  • Outlook on credit quality of renewable energy projects