Fin Insights

CRISIL Fin Insights series proposes to be a platform where CRISIL continuously provides forecasts and study on the BFSI sector including dialogue on the expected credit behavior and outlook on various parts under BFSI.

Given CRISIL’s positioning of in-house industry research backed with deep understanding of corporate credit and earnings from Ratings, we have the potential to create a clutter-breaking platform through this series – offering a holistic perspective on the sector.

This platform will provide a forum for BFSI industry leaders & regulators to get together and discuss key issues —evaluating emergent trends and sharing key insights that help frame the industry perspectives.

Seminars and Webinars


Nov 28

NBFC: Fortunes on the uptrend


Oct 06

Webinar: Is a recovery in sight in banking?


Sep 19

Webinar: Changing role of ARCs - Can they step up their game?


Jun 06

Webinar: Resilient housing finance, affordable housing the new growth engine


Nov 23

NBFCs: Back in the spotlight