Jul 05 Mumbai

Webinar: Evolution of early warning system for lenders



CRISIL Risk Solutions has laid out the roadmap for lenders to adopt an effective early warning system (EWS) framework to derive actionable insights from account-level indicators, and to put in place a structured approach to enhance model performance.


In the context, it is conducting a webinar to address the principal aspects of an EWS lifecycle, during which its experts would discuss the following:


  • Getting started: How lenders can set up an effective EWS framework across business lines, with or without adequate data
  • Getting innovative: How lenders can compensate for limited internal data by leveraging alternative sources of external information
  • Staying relevant: How lenders can continuously monitor, measure and re-calibrate model performance to minimise noise and reduce errors
  • Integrating with legacy system: How lenders can leverage granular portfolio insights to influence credit policies and on-boarding decisions


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