Aug 21

Webinar: Risk-Based Pricing Framework: A Renewed Imperative




Under the prism of IND-AS 109/ IFRS 9, risk-based pricing has assumed fresh significance for lenders’ business strategy. It is imperative that lenders align their loan pricing to the provisioning requirement in a forward-looking manner.


In the context, CRISIL Business Intelligence and Risk Solutions (BIRS) is conducting a webinar to address key aspects of an effective risk-based pricing framework in the current regulatory environment, leveraging its experience and scientific methodologies to price lending products for banks and financial institutions.


During the webinar, experts would discuss:


  • The need for a fresh look:  How the prevailing global regulatory environment (with special focus on IND-AS / IFRS9) shapes the conversation on risk-based pricing
  • Through a new lens: Risk-based pricing frameworks and how these have evolved to meet strategic needs over time, and the current market practices
  • Tailoring the fit: Understanding underlying components and differential treatment for various loan products
  • Integration: The practical challenges with implementation of the framework


This will be followed by a Q&A session.


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