CRISIL India Outlook Series 

CRISIL India outlook series proposes to be a platform where CRISIL continuously provides forecasts and study on India’s macro-economic indicators and thoughtful commentary and dialogue on the expected credit behavior and outlook on various sectors and industries.

Given CRISIL’s unparalleled positioning of in-house industry and economic research backed with deep understanding of corporate credit and earnings from Ratings, we have the potential to create a clutter-breaking platform through this series – offering a holistic perspective on the state of the nation, for the next fiscal year.

This platform will also provide a forum for industry leaders to confront and discuss key issues —evaluating emergent trends and sharing key insights that help frame our perspectives.CRISIL Infra Intelligence

Seminars and Webinars



Dec 07

Webinar: Organised brick and mortar retail: Bright prospects ahead


Nov 17

Webinar: Indian pharmaceutical sector - Preparing for a better tomorrow?


Oct 10

Agriculture: Profitability under a cloud


Aug 10

Webinar: Has steel turned the corner?


Mar 09

Resetting Growth Expectations


Mar 11

India Outlook Fiscal 2017: Year of Reckoning Beckons