Nov 17 Mumbai

Webinar: Indian pharmaceutical sector - Preparing for a better tomorrow?



India is referred to as the pharmacy of the world given the expertise and track record of domestic companies in facilitating access to critical and affordable medicines across the world.

The sector, however, is in transition because regulatory and competitive landscapes in two of its largest markets - India and the United States - continue to evolve.

Even other developed and emerging markets are often throwing challenges such as changing regulations and currency volatility.

Given the backdrop, CRISIL Ratings would like to invite you to its web conference where our experts will discuss
  • The opportunities and challenges for the Indian pharmaceutical sector
  • Regulatory scrutiny: A bitter pill?
  • Recovery in sight? Outlook on revenue growth across key markets
  • Trends in R&D and compliance costs, and implications for profitability
  • The impact of business environment on credit profiles