Jun 01 Mumbai

Webinar: 4 years through 6 lenses



In the past four years, there has been visible improvement in most macro indicators. India's gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an average 7.3% these four years, the fastest in BRICS, though slower than 7.6% in the preceding decade.


The Modi government's term so far was a mixed bag of good luck on oil and monsoon, a raft of reforms and repair, disruptions, and slowing growth. Low oil prices
and distance from elections helped the government pursue a prudent policy stance - choosing 'trend' over 'cycle', as it were. But with the situation now reversing, the government's efforts to ensure a well-oiled economy could be tested in its fifth year in office as multiple risks materialise.


Will the government be able to continue its focus on the 'trend' than the 'cycle'?


To discuss the nuances of these, CRISIL Research invites you to the webinar titled '4 years through 6 lenses'. The webinar will have a presentation followed by a Q&A session.



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