Sep 06 Mumbai

Webinar: Renewable Energy sector - Will the sunshine last for renewables



India has emerged as the 4th largest renewable energy market, given strong government push and improving cost economics – with tariffs declining below Rs 3 per unit - compared with conventional sources.


While the sector has seen significant growth and investments over the last 2 years, recent developments such as imposition of safeguard duty on imports of modules and cancellation of a few bids pose question marks on growth.


Additionally, there are several lingering issues such as - constraints related to evacuation infrastructure, funding of future capacities, the future trajectory of solar capital costs, sustenance of high generation from newer wind turbines amid rising capital costs, and timely payments from utilities – that need to be addressed in order to achieve the set targets.


In the context, CRISIL is conducting a webinar that will shed light on:

  • Capital availability for new projects
  • Government’s investment plans and likely regulatory scenario
  • Sustenance of high PLFs from new turbines given rising capital costs
  • View on photovoltaic module costs amid shifting global demand-supply scenario
  • How developers are navigating the impact of safeguard duty implementation
  • Track record of discoms towards honouring PPA commitments and timely payments
  • Credit view on tariff viabilities for solar and wind projects

The webinar will feature a presentation by CRISIL’s experts, followed by a panel discussion with senior industry leaders and a Q&A session.

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