Sep 26 Mumbai

CRISIL Ratings webinar on Retail sector: The brick & mortar cart is loading up



Organised retail is gaining considerable traction across product categories in an otherwise fragmented market as consumer tastes shifts towards branded products and ‘better’ experience. This is reflected in the sustained high growth of organised retail since fiscal 2017. Additionally, strong growth in e-retail and the entry of foreign giants are boosting aspirational demand for branded products beyond Tier-1 cities.


Considering this, brick & mortar (B&M) retailers are stepping up capital spending towards stores expansion and omni-channel presence. We also expect to witness more partnerships between e-tailers and B&M retailers in a quest to balance expansion and profitability.


In this backdrop, CRISIL Ratings invites you to its webinar where our experts will speak on:

  • Growth prospects of organised retail
  • Outlook on store expansion and future potential geographies for the industry
  • Profitability drivers of organised B&M retailers
  • Consolidation and partnerships in the sector
  • Credit perspective on organised B&M retail

There will be a presentation by CRISIL Ratings, followed by a panel discussion with senior leaders from the retail sector and a Q&A session.


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