Apr 09 Mumbai

Webinar: Telecom sector: Call of the rings



The protracted tariff war in India’s telecom sector has pushed industry average revenue per user, or ARPU, to a decadal low this fiscal. This is despite the consolidation in the industry that has reduced the number of major players to three, in line with global standards.


While the jostle for leadership will continue among the troika, when will pricing pressures abate, profitability improve, and growth in the industry revive?


Also, given the buzz around 5G, the ongoing investments in fiberisation and wired broadband, what happens to the deleveraging process of key players?


To seek answers and discuss the road ahead, CRISIL is organising a webinar titled ‘Call of the rings’, where our experts would discuss:


  • Signs of ARPU stabilisation after consolidation
  • Industry revenue growth
  • Profitability outlook and impact on credit profiles
  • Investments expected in the medium term
  • Key things to watch out for in the sector

There will be a presentation by CRISIL, followed by a panel discussion with senior industry leaders and a Q&A session.


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