Aug 01 Mumbai

India Outlook 2019 Seminar: Tracing the grind-up


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The global economy is slowing amid rising downside risks, mainly because of continuing tariff disputes and trade tensions. The scene is no different in India, with GDP growth decelerating to a five-year low of 6.8% last fiscal.


The prospects for fiscal 2020 looks quite cloudy, too, given the crosswinds.


In the milieu, CRISIL and S&P Global Ratings are organising the annual India Outlook Seminar 2019-2020, where we would trace the emerging economic landscape using top-down-meets-bottom-up analysis.


At the seminar, experts from CRISIL and S&P Global Ratings will discuss the following topics:

  • Global economic outlook and risks amid shrinking policy space
  • How and why of India’s growth slowdown
  • Can the financial sector lubricate the economy
  • What, and how long, will it take for consumption and investments to rebound
  • Sectors that will lead or lag
  • Implications of the falling domestic savings rate


The event will include presentations by CRISIL and S&P Global Ratings and panel discussions with industry experts.



Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt, Santacruz (E), Mumbai