Mar 05 Mumbai

CRISIL Ratings webinar on Organised Brick & Mortar Retail: Navigating the demand slowdown



Organised brick & mortar retail may be the fastest-growing segment, but it is far from unscathed by the ongoing consumption slowdown. 


Demand has moderated in line with sluggish private consumption - as seen in the first nine months of fiscal 2020 - and impacted growth in same-store sales. Future demand growth is likely to be slightly better, but lower than growth rates witnessed in the recent past.


Given growth moderation, how will this impact profitability and capex plans of the industry? Which segment will lead the next leg of capex: food & grocery or apparel? 


For answers, do join the CRISIL Ratings webinar on March 5, 2020. 


The session will feature a presentation by CRISIL experts, followed by a panel discussion with senior industry leaders and a Q&A session.


The following aspects would be covered:


  • Growth prospects of organised retail
  • Profitability drivers of organised brick & mortar retailers
  • Outlook on store expansion and potential geographies
  • Consolidation and partnerships in the segment
  • Credit perspective on organised brick & mortar retail


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