Entry level opportunities

Get started with CRSIL and make a difference to the global financial markets.


At CRISIL, you get endless opportunities to continuously innovate, work on high impact projects, and learn from industry experts, while building long-lasting relationships along the way. Your work can help set new benchmarks, re-define industry standards and enable sounder decision making – in short, help markets function better!


Choose from a diverse range of job roles and functions


Job function Roles
Analytical Research Analyst - Equity Research
  Accounting Research Analyst
  Associate/ Sr. Associate
  Data Analyst- Research Account Management
  Research Analyst - DFOS Risk Analyst
  Equity Research- German Mid Cap
  Research Analyst - Credit Research
  Research Analyst - Quartz Derivatives
Data & Operations Associates - D&O
Sales & Marketing Business Development Officer - Mid Corporate
  Senior Business Development Officer - Mid Corporate
  Team Lead - Mid Corporate