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July 13, 2017

Agriculture Report: Understanding opportunities across the agri value chain

The CRISIL Research Agriculture Report 2017 provides sharper insights on various emerging market dynamics in the agri segments and sub-segments, government policies and profitability across agricultural inputs.

Agri credit is a key topic that is covered in the report. The report will discuss the role of NBFC in agri financing, pre- & post- harvest perspective and also feature a state-wise assessment of opportunity and risk in top 15 Indian states.  We will also detail the market structure and coverage of agri insurance. 

The report will also cover the key agri input segments and sub segments each covering growth outlook for next 3 years, industry structure, state- wise emerging trends, competitive scenario, outlook on profitability, etc. 

The data and tools made available through the report will include data tables for key inputs across 1,500 tables covering state and district level assessment, financial and operational benchmarking tools, tools for monitoring state and crop level profitability (updated each quarter), district level profitability (estimates FY 2017), monthly dashboard providing updates on key agri parameters and profile on around 300 companies in the sector.