CRISIL Inclusix

CRISIL Inclusix is a unique index to measure the extent of financial inclusion in India across its 666 districts. It uses a statistically robust, transparent, and easy-to understand methodology, and is based on a modular, scalable architecture.


It is a relative index on a scale of 0 to 100, and combines four critical parameters of basic financial services - branch penetration, deposit penetration, credit penetration, and insurance penetration - into one metric.


In the latest edition of CRISIL Inclusix, life insurance data has been incorporated for the first time. While we have not included pension to compute Inclusix, this edition carries details of the progress on the National Pension Scheme. Similarly, in the 2013 edition, we had incorporated microfinance data for the first time.


Over time, additional financial services and financial service providers could also be included as consistent and comprehensive data becomes available.