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December 30, 2019

HFS Research: CRISIL’s Successful Organizational Transformation Journey in Integrated Automation is fueling new business capabilities

A digital strategy must have an integrated approach which combines intelligent automation, AI and analytics. CRISIL adopted a transformational business initiative–the move from a pure information services play to a ‘services-plus-products’ hybrid value proposition.


The only way to achieve transformational outcomes is by scaling up accuracy and efficiency of decisions and actions. CRISIL’s data challenges reflect highly complicated business scenarios, given that it not only deals with very large volumes of financial data, but also varied and complex data. From the beginning of CRISIL’s transformation journey, their integrated approach has meant optimally leveraging data and insights across the entire enterprise and generating the best value for clients, through each service and product offering.


AntWorks played a major role in helping CRISIL achieve its enterprise-level integrated automation goals, better and faster, even with an abundance of data. As an added advantage, leveraging these cutting-edge technologies and continuously piloting with new niche technology startups, CRISIL is now seen as an employer of choice, changing its brand image from an analytics, research, and ratings company to a global digital technology leader in its industry.

This case study is part of HFS Research’s report “Solve the Automation Scale Challenge with Integrated Automation”, published Dec 2019.