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April 08, 2020

Pandemic Perspectives (Part 3) –Supporting Consultants During Coronavirus

With no sign of abating globally, the impact of the coronavirus is testing the support that asset managers provide to investment consultants. 


Asset managers’ service and support of consultants becomes all the more important during times of stress, as the stakes and requirements increase.


Against this backdrop, we engaged field consultants from leading investment consulting firms in the U.K., U.S. and Canada to get their perspectives and advice on how asset managers can best support consultants and their clients in the current environment.


Consultant Perceptions of Servicing and Support


The good news is consultants’ perceptions of the service and support that they have received from asset managers since the coronavirus outbreak has been very good to excellent. Approximately one-quarter of respondents said the support has been universally excellent, with another two-thirds indicating it has been very good.


However, there is no room for complacency. Three-quarters of the consultants noted some variation in the support that they are receiving from asset managers, with a small percentage (9%) noting significant variation in asset manager support.