Business Intelligence & Risk Management

Our Business Intelligence & Risk Management Solutions help banks and financial institutions in their data and analytics needs. This includes all key functional areas such as Risk Management, Sales & Marketing, Financial Control & Reporting, Regulatory Compliance and Governance.


With 200+ KPIs and custom templates our solutions provide advanced insights into data with an emphasis on actionable intelligence. Thereby enabling you to take data driven decisions to achieve your business objectives.

100+ BFSI Clients
200+ Solutions

Geographies covered    


Asia, North America, Middle East



We have worked with over 100 banks and financial institutions for innovative solutions that aid decision making across Corporate & Investment Banking, Commercial & Retail Banking, Cards, Asset Management and Insurance domains.


Our Offerings

Customer Insights & Sales Conversions

Increase share of wallet, client profitability, campaign performance & return on capital through optimized spending, personalized targeting for effective up-sell and cross-sell strategies

Performance Indicators

Speed up decision making with a single view of all your key metrics and scorecards

Data Science & Modeling

Our data sciences solution focuses on solving specific business problems using data modeling and statistical techniques

Risk Solutions

Mitigate risk with our comprehensive solutions for credit risk management, market risk understanding, and regulatory compliance

Technology Platform, Data Engineering and Analytics Services

Get strong technology & implementation capabilities through our Enterprise Data Analytics platform

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