Fulkrum: The Next Gen Big Data Analytics & Reporting Platform

Our next generation Enterprise Big Data Analytics & Reporting Platform, Fulkrum provides ready-to-use capabilities in form of:

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Machine Learning

Data Models leverage advanced embedded machine learning algorithms that run on top of the platform

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Integrated Workflow

Allows users to integrate with business process and leverage “external data” into the analytics/reporting model

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Leverage Spark

A proprietory Spark SQL driver enables a remote application to access data in the Spark data frames via ANSI SQL. Eliminates the need for a Thrift server

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Report Designer

Design and create your own reports using drag and drop UI controls, define SQL queries to pull data from data source into the controls and use saved library objects

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Self Service Data Discovery

Ability to perform data discovery via Slice & Dice over large data sets. “Design your own cubes and pull data using various connectors”

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In built Communication & Collaboration

In built annotation features allow users to collaborate “within” the application without resorting to emails

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Integrated CRM

Provides a CRM solution along with analytics with 360 degree view of Customer and Relationship Managers

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Cloud Ready Data Analytics Platform

Hosted in a public/private could with SAAS based offering

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Smart Data Tagging + Search

Reduce number of reports to be maintained




The Benefits


Fulkrum provides a host of benefits that include:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership to run on-premise data analytics over huge data sets
  • Extensive ready-to-use platform capability with diverse set of services
  • Enterprise-ready. Security tested and capable of riding and scaling on your data warehouse
  • Built for the BFSI domain: The features, capabilities and tools are specifically geared for the BFSI sector


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