Global Analytical Centre

Who We Are

CRISIL’s Global Analytical Centre (GAC), provides analytical, research and data services to S&P Global (earlier known as McGraw Hill Financial) globally. The GAC support encompasses research and analysis, complex data analytics and modelling assignments, risk and regulatory services, and improving workflow efficiency. GAC acts like a centralised research and analytics hub for SPGI teams spread across US, EMEA and APAC regions.


Our Services Include:

  • Credit analytics
  • Industry, Company, and Country research
  • Data management and enrichment (including specialised, adjusted economic data)
  • Modelling and forecasting (including quantitative research and analytics)
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • Risk Management and Compliance Analytics

How We Add Value

GAC support goes beyond Ratings and pans across critical and emerging focus areas for S&P Global. As a global research unit, GAC allows quick and seamlessly implementation of global initiatives, and assists S&P Global in its mission to deliver essential intelligence.

  • GAC enables standardisation and consistency of analysis and workflows through its centralised operations.
  • GAC’s round-the-clock support on critical time-sensitive assignments enables SPGI increase coverage and improve time-to-market of analysis, insights and opinions.
  • Create operating efficiencies by leveraging GAC’s culture of continuous improvement through lean management tools and process re-engineering. 
  • GAC provides a large pool of high-quality and well-trained talent to SPGI to help scale-up specialised support.