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We believe growth happens at the intersection of intelligence and action. However, for decision-makers, access to actionable intelligence is always a challenge. And that's where CRISIL GR&A's Corporate Research Services come in helping clients make informed business decisions based on actionable insights. We work with operations, strategy, and sales and marketing teams, offering unique solutions that blend deep-dive research, analytics and technology.


CRISIL GR&A Corporate Research Services has provided intelligence on over 14,000 global firms across 70 global sectors. We offer round-the-clock support across multiple time zones in Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

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  • Reach out to us at:

    India : +91 22 4047 2546
    U.S.  : +1 855 595 2100 / +1 646 292 3520
    U.K.  : 080 003 14200 / +44 870 333 6336