Data Analytics

CRISIL's Data Analytics offerings help corporates take informed decisions that are drawn from insights gained from advanced quantitative methods across data management and business intelligence, predictive modeling and big data analytics. We have deep domain expertise in telecom, retail, consumer packaged goods, ICT and manufacturing.


We offer analytics solutions in the following areas:

How we add value to your business




  • Optimise product prices through elasticity models and design pricing strategy vis a vis competition
  • Analyse opportunity for new launches and identify white space markets
  • Track brand awareness and buzz by analysing consumer affairs data from digital channels

Marketing Analytics


  • Customer behaviour prediction models, spotting sales opportunities and improvement areas
  • Pre and post campaign analytics to maximise return on investments
  • Analyse customer feedback data to prioritise intervention areas by leveraging key satisfaction drivers

Sales Analytics


  • Using segmentation models, identify and incentivise the high potential agents and brokers
  • Forecast sales by category, products, channels and stores for efficient resource planning

Operations Analytics


  • Collation, validation and harmonisation of datasets to create consistent global databases
  • Performance-tracking dashboards and reports, and early warning systems for business functions

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