Investment Banking Analytics

Banks use a range of analytical models to comply with regulations, mitigate risk, and take informed strategic and operational decisions. CRISIL Global Research & Analytics is the preferred analytics partner for banks owing to its strong understanding of retail, investment and wholesale banking,, customer lifecycle and behaviourial
patterns, and proven expertise in developing, testing and validating analytical models.



Our focus areas




Managing and predicting portfolio risk levels by assessing creditworthiness based on demographic, transaction and behaviour data, generating application scores, building score-based underwriting, developing credit line assessment study and others




Provide banks with robust financial and behavioural models (customer lifetime value analysis, customer behaviour analysis, attrition management and retention framework, product propensity modelling and more) that can help predict customer-level profitability 




Helps in enhancing the overall collection performance of the banks through customer profile enrichment and advance analytics that identifies delinquency sources, building tools to calculate collection scores, segmentation analysis and propensity

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