Regulatory Compliance Support

Financial institutions, particularly banks, must ensure their reporting processes comply with changing regulations. CRISIL Global Research & Analytics' intuitive understanding of guidelines - Basel II/2.5/III, Dodd Frank, OCC/SR 11-7, FSA, CCAR, Solvency II - helps clients stay abreast with such changes.



Our offerings


Stress Testing  


Provide comprehensive and customised stress testing solutions, drawing upon industry best practices


Risk Control & Reporting  


Help monitor key risk indicators, support risk and control self-assessment, among others


Reporting & Dashboard Creation  


Offer 360-degree visibility to senior management through comprehensive dashboard creation and maintenance for regulatory reporting and documentation

Data Management


Cover all facets of data management from sourcing and aggregating data, standardisation of data definitions, interpretation, analysis and validation, and others


Credit Scoring Model Development and Validation

CRISIL Global Research & Analytics complements the efforts of global banks as they strive to safeguard themselves from systemic shocks. Our Credit Scoring Model Development and Validation offerings across risk, valuation, and stress testing models help banks comply with regulatory requirements, mitigate financial risk, take informed decisions, and safeguard their reputation.


 We have a deep understanding of product structures, regulations, pricing, modelling skills, and macro variables. This helps us execute client requirements around capital modelling, stress testing, and model validation within the regulatory deadlines. Our offerings span the modelling lifecycle - documenting model theory, reviewing code, checking model sensitivity, benchmark, validate models and everything in between.


Our offerings

Credit and Counterparty Credit Risk Capability

The global financial crisis has transformed the way banks and Fixed Incomes (FIs) manage their credit risk. The regulators' clampdown has underscored the need for a risk management architecture that balances operational, strategic and regulatory objectives with enhanced business. 


At CRISIL Global Research & Analytics, our mission is to equip global banks and FIs to achieve these goals. We ensure process consistency, reduce turnaround time, accelerate closure, enhance portfolio surveillance, and ensure cost-efficiency.


Annually, our core team 0f 650 analysts track the credit quality of 3,400+ corporations & BFSI firms, 6,000+ Munis, 80+ sovereign issues and 4,800+ structured deals. Today, we support 24 leading global banks and 3 of the top 10 global asset managers.


We provide comprehensive support on counterparty credit risk assessment -  from developing frameworks for credit risk assessment, preparing standardised spreads and reports to building robust database and dashboard tools. 


Our offerings

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