Bonds analytics suite 

Data is everywhere and is multiplying by seconds. Advances in technology now make it possible to exploit the data to help businesses worldwide. The Bonds Analytics Suite by CRISIL is an endeavor to help traders and sales professionals make smarter decisions by exploiting the data available in the bonds market, using latest technological solutions.


The suite aims to tap into the large bonds market data and banks’ internal data to empower the end user to make better and quicker decisions using data mining and machine learning techniques.


  • Portfolio analytics in relation to market changes
  • Market data (TRACETM) analytics to gather intelligence on key parameters
  • Machine learning based smart signals on technical indicators
  • Individually targeted notifications
  • Continuously evolving filtering mechanism on underlying factors
  • Interactive dashboards displays using best-in-class tech products
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered self-improving recommendation engine
  • Completely customizable to suit the client’s need
  • Cloud-based platform for secure, intuitive, and flexible access


Solution overview


Market and data analysis


  • Benchmark bank’s  fixed income portfolios against markets on the performance areas
  • Perform RFQ analysis on internal data to see hit/miss ratios
  • Gather intelligence on key parameters using market data (TRACETM) analytics
  • Analyze trends based on historical data

Predictive Modeling


  • Volume/Liquidity/other target predictions based on machine learning methods such as neural networks, support vector machines, and other predictive techniques
  • Machine learning based bonds profiling mechanism for targeting bonds of interest from the market
  • Trading recommendations based on trader’s profile

Smart Alert


  • Keep track of more securities as the movements happen in the market
  • Cut through the noise with advanced filtering logic to track bonds in portfolio or of interest
  • Model the signals for improving signal strengths using iterative classification algorithms
  • Continuous calibrations to provide smarter signals every time

Real Time Analysis and Reporting


  • Use visualization tools to provide real time analytics and data on demand
  • Provide periodic analytics reports to relevant stakeholders
  • Slice and dice data to see targeted outcomes






Suite Architecture


The suite employs best-in-class technology to provide real time, succinct, and actionable insights to the user.



Interactive platform for easy access

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