Financial Crime Analytics Capabilities

The unprecedented changes in technology in the past decade has resulted in more advanced and convoluted methods of money laundering and financial fraud. Coupled with increasing regulatory scrutiny and pressure on financial institutions all over the globe to strengthen their compliance practices, banks need to embrace advancements in data analytics, machine learning, neural networks et al, to stay one step ahead of the offenders. This effectively calls for a complete revamp of the existing compliance approach from a traditional, reactive model, to a more proactive one. Let CRISIL show you how this can be done.


Key CRISIL differentiators


  • Strong capabilities and experience in financial crime compliance across Financial Services Businesses
  • Global Delivery service model – On Shore, Near Time, Near Shore, Off-shore
  • Experienced team of statisticians, database/technology specialists and operations associates working on financial crime compliance activities across clients & geographies
  • Deep understanding of statistical, machine learning and other analytical techniques
  • Years of hands-on experience of key vendor tools such as Actimize, Mantas, Norkom etc and additional tools such as Teradata/SQL, SAS etc.

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