Transaction Monitoring

Help banks to reduce the false positives by greater than 85% in transaction monitoring alerts.


Transaction Monitoring is a core segment of any bank’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program. Transaction monitoring systems, from such vendors as Oracle AML (Mantas), NICE Actimize, SAS AML, GVPO, and others, are set up to monitor customer transactions, trades, wires, payments, and other activities. CRISIL GR&A provides support throughout the lifecycle of TM, i.e. Segmentation, Scenarios/Model Validation, and Threshold Tuning.


Transaction Monitoring (TM) analytics is about “tuning” the AML system to capture all the suspicious activities based on the various regulatory acts.  CRISIL GR&A’s FCC teams assist our clients by providing analytical support, including, but not limited to, customer segmentation, threshold tuning, ATL/BTL Approaches,  validating the TM Model, checking the rules base, validating scenarios, reducing false positive rates, report automation, dashboard creation etc.




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