Capital Markets Research 

We play a key role in India’s fixed-income markets. We are the largest provider of valuation of fixed-income securities to mutual funds, insurers and banks, and the sole provider of debt and hybrid indices to mutual funds and life insurers. We also pioneered independent equity research in India, and are the country’s largest independent equity research house.


Our fixed income valuations and indices provide greater transparency in the fixed-income markets and empower investors with independent benchmarks to evaluate the performance of their investments. Our independent equity and company research reports provide insights to investors on under-researched companies. Our reports have improved transparency and trading volume for companies under our coverage.

We play a critical role in India’s funds and fixed-income markets. Our offerings include:

  • Running the largest and most comprehensive database on India’s debt markets, covering more than 18,000 securities
  • Providing valuations for fixed-income and hybrid securities to asset managers, including mutual funds, insurers, banks and retirement funds
  • Evaluating more than Rs 81 trillion (USD 1,275 billion) of Indian debt securities
  • Providing debt and hybrid indices to mutual funds, insurers and retirement funds
  • Maintaining 96 standards and over 100 customised indices
  • Maintaining customised benchmarks for fixed-income portfolios
  • Providing due-diligence and ranking services to mutual funds and insurers that are used by asset managers, distributors and institutional investor

CRISIL’s fixed-income valuations and indices are insightful, as they are comprehensive gauges that help investors independently evaluate the performance of investments.


CRISIL is also the Business Review Consultant to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and the National Pension System (NPS) Trust, assisting in selection and monitoring the performance of their fund managers.


Our offerings under CRISIL Equities are classified into Independent Equity Research (a unique concept globally) and Initial Public Offer (IPO) Grading. CRISIL Equities also provides equity outsourcing and customised research for information memoranda and offer documents that are prepared by companies as part of their fund-raising initiatives.



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