Mutual Fund Research

CRISIL is a front runner of the mutual funds research services industry in India. CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking (CMFR) is highly popular among investors, intermediaries, and asset management companies (AMCs). We also provide customised mutual fund ranking to wealth managers, distributors, private banks, and advisory firms. 


Given CRISIL’s strength in research and analytics for institutional clients such as provident funds (PFs) and treasuries, we are widely engaged for our investment portfolio evaluation services.


Our services include

Mutual Fund Ranking

Our methodology is based on global best practices and has gained high acceptance among investors, intermediaries and asset management companies in India. CRISIL also provides customised mutual fund rankings to wealth management, private banking, and advisory firms.


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Desktop Tools

CRISIL's Desktop Tools provide utility tools for mutual fund research, wealth management, and financial planning.


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PF Analytics

CRISIL’s PF Analytics provides Portfolio Analysis and Valuation Services for pension and provident funds. It also provides credible and transparent portfolio evaluation, equipping investment managers with a better understanding of investment alternatives and risk mitigation.


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Treasury Analytics

CRISIL’s Treasury Analytics provides investment portfolio evaluation service for corporates, helping them get an in-depth, third-party evaluation of their investment portfolio.

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Outreach Reports


Includes periodical newsletters and fact sheets for the mutual fund industry. The newsletters provide market intelligence reports on important domestic and international business news, while the monthly fact sheets provide pre-specified template-based reports to AMCs, life insurers, and financial distributors.


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Mutual Fund Database


CRISIL’s Mutual Fund Database assists AMCs and financial distributors, especially new entrants, in sourcing data and analytical content.


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Customised Services


CRISIL provides customised research services, such as mutual fund tracker, due diligence and qualitative assessment of funds. AMCs, distributors and wealth managers avail of these services.


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Mutual Fund Ranking

Our methodology for CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking (CMFR) is based on global best practices. It was launched in June 2000 and since then it has gained high acceptance among investors, intermediaries and asset management companies. 


CMFR covers various categories across equity, debt and hybrid asset classes. Unlike most other ranking models, which are based purely on returns or net asset value (NAV), CMFR uses a combination of NAV and portfolio-based attributes for evaluation. This provides a single point analysis of mutual funds, taking into consideration key parameters such as risk-adjusted returns, asset concentration, liquidity and asset quality. 


The ranks are assigned on a scale of 1 to 5, with CRISIL Fund Rank 1 indicating 'very good performance'. In any peer group, the top 10 percentile of funds are ranked as CRISIL Fund Rank 1 and the next 20 percentile as CRISIL Fund Rank 2. For further details, please check the ranking methodology document.


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Customised Mutual Fund Rankings

Customised Mutual Fund Rankings are provided to wealth management, private banking and advisory firms. The benchmarking of Indian mutual fund schemes is based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative parameters. The customised rankings are based on the fund houses and fund categories shortlisted by the client, who then receives monthly or quarterly rankings based on mutually defined methodology and criteria.

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Mutual Fund Tools

CRISIL's desktop tools aid in mutual fund research, wealth management, and financial planning.

MF research

Mutual Fund Research Tool


It offers a 360-degree analysis of Indian mutual funds, comes with an updated database providing all types of complex calculations, analysis, reports, and updates. The CRISIL Fund Analyser allows clients to view details, compare performance, monitor portfolio, and customise queries on more than 6,500 mutual fund schemes.



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Wealth Management Tool

Wealth Management Tool


Provides robust performance features as well as scalability, as it covers all mutual fund assets. It offers client-wise summaries of portfolio holdings in various asset classes, industry/company wise holdings, and the gain/loss. It also has a transaction import facility and can be installed on the intranet for relationship managers across India to access.




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Financial Planning

Financial Planning Tool


Our financial planning model has various modules for generating a scientific financial plan. It includes sections from risk profiling, analysis of needs, to cash flow analysis. The financial planner is backed by a comprehensive asset allocation model, a combination of strategic and tactical asset allocation, and is scalable to meet unique specifications. 


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PF Analytics

Being in the business of providing Valuation and Benchmarking services, CRISIL launched Portfolio Analysis and Valuation Services for Retirement Funds. As an independent third party, CRISIL lends greater credibility and transparency to the process of portfolio evaluation. It also equips investment managers with a better understanding of investment alternatives and risk mitigation.


Services under Portfolio Analysis and Valuation Services include:

  • Review of  retirement funds’ portfolio
    • Performance benchmarking
    • Pay-out sustainability analysis  
    • Analysis of exposure to credit risk
    • Asset-liability management
    • Interest rate sensitivity analysis   
  • Valuation of retirement funds’ portfolio
  • Investment policy compliance


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Treasury Analytics

Corporates can obtain in-depth third-party evaluation of their investment portfolio with our Investment Portfolio Evaluation Services. This considers various risk-related parameters such as credit, interest rate, concentration, and liquidity of portfolios, on a quarterly or ongoing basis.


Services encompasses: 

  • Investment research for selection of Asset Management Companies and mutual fund schemes
  • Analysis of debt oriented schemes and fixed income securities, including bank fixed deposits, involving both pre-investment and post-investment evaluation
  • Comprehensive evaluation of portfolios on a quarterly basis
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Investment policy compliance
  • Valuation of investments in the treasury portfolio

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Outreach Reports

Information and intelligence are crucial to the marketing activities of any organisation, and outreach reports are a key medium in this dissemination loop. They act to ensure brand recall by customers, and help relationship managers to streamline investor communication. CRISIL’s experienced and specialised team is adept at providing reports bespoke to the requirement, enabling wealth managers to concentrate on their core competencies.



Provides market intelligence reports that cover important domestic and international business news including equity, debt, foreign exchange, commodity market and economic updates. It also cover Indian mutual fund industry analysis including assets under management, performance, portfolio trends and more. These reports can be provided at daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual frequency. CRISIL also provides articles on contemporary topics under this service.


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Factsheets for mutual fund industry

CRISIL prepares monthly factsheets for AMCs, Life Insurance Houses and Financial Distributors based on pre-specified templates. These reports cover various events and statistics on the Indian mutual fund industry on a macro level. Scheme based reports such as scheme returns/risk analysis, AUM/portfolio analysis and factsheets are covered under this service. CRISIL's reports, based on specifications, can be useful in streamlining sales and investor outreach efforts.


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Mutual Fund Database

One of the largest information providers to the Indian mutual funds industry, CRISIL assists AMCs, financial distributors, especially new entrants, in sourcing data and analysis content for their website. CRISIL's dedicated team continuously improves the quality of primary and secondary data, and ensures the highest level of data accuracy.


The mutual fund data captured by CRISIL is listed in the table below: 

Scheme Features
NAVs Portfolios Corporate Actions
Scheme Name
Face Value
Company Name
Dividend Rate
Scheme Inception
Daily NAVs
Sector Name
Reinvestment Date
Benchmark Index
Trailing Returns
Record Date
Alternate Benchmark
Risk Ratios
Percentage Exposure
Dividend Per Unit
Investment Objective
SIP Returns
Dividend Yield
Fund Manager Name
52 Weeks High
Rating Agency
Bonus Date
Fund Manager Qualification
52 Weeks Low
Market Value
Bonus Ratio Held
Fund Manager Experience
  Security Class
Bonus Ratio Received
  Average Maturity
Plan (Direct/Regular)
  Modified Duration
Investment Option
  Top Holdings
Dividend Frequency
  Top Sectors
Maturity Type
Minimum Investment Amount
Additional Investment Amount
Expense Ratio

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Mutual Fund Customised Services

Our customised research services - Mutual Fund Tracker, Asset Manager Due Diligence and Qualitative Scheme Research - are best suited for AMCs, distributors, and wealth managers.

MF tracker

Mutual Fund Tracker


Asset Management Companies (AMCs) can track their scheme's monthly performance on the CRISIL Mutual Fund Ranking (CMFR) parameters vis-a-vis a defined peer group. AMCs can subscribe to the ‘Mutual Fund Tracker’ and use it to improve performance and risk evaluation continuously.


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Due diligence

Asset Manager Due Diligence

We provide asset managers (mutual funds, PMS, life insurance) with an in-depth assessment of key departments such as investment, risk, and operations. We also offer independent opinions on investment and risk functions of the asset manager, through detailed review of policies, processes, and management meetings.


Qualitative research scheme

Qualitative Scheme Research

We provide in-depth analysis of mutual fund schemes. The report analyses the fundʼs investment and asset allocation strategy, and evaluates the fundʼs portfolio against risk parameters such as credit, liquidity, interest rate and concentration. The report also analyses risk-adjusted performance across time frames to identify the source of returns for the fund manager.


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