Industry Research

CRISIL industry research covers 86 sectors and is known for its rich insights and perspectives. Our analysis is supported by inputs from our large network sources, including industry experts, industry associations and trade channels. Delivered through an innovative web-based platform, our views, commentaries and reports help our clients take informed lending, investment and strategic decisions.

Our rich portfolio includes

Sectoral Research


We analyse millions of data points using a large network of primary data sources to provide our clients with long-term and short-term future outlook on 86 core sectors in India including automobiles, consumer products, construction and capital goods, infrastructure, metals,  and others. We also provide an in-depth analysis of the factors that affect the performance and profitability of these sectors.

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Industry Risk Scores


We capture the influence of industry variables the extent of positive/negative impact on the cash flows and debt repayment ability of companies in an industry over a 3-4 year horizon. The risk score for an industry is arrived at by aggregating the scores assigned to the relevant parameters like demand supply outlook, cost structures, competition and financial performance.

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Real Estate Research


We provide a clear understanding on residential, commercial, and retail markets across 103 micro-markets in 10 Indian cities. 

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