Infrastructure and Public Finance 

Infrastructure is moving up the global policy agenda. An efficient infrastructure is critical to economic competitiveness and growth, and governments are faced with the task of plugging gaps and maintaining/modernizing nationally critical infrastructure.


The Infrastructure and Public Finance practice at CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory is borne out of the recognition that sustained development of Infrastructure facilities and services requires systematically strengthen three pillars:

  • Enabling frameworks for fostering Public-Private Partnerships across a range of sectors to enhance universal, efficient and inclusive access of infrastructure services to all citizens.
  • A vibrant Infrastructure Financing ecosystem to enable investment flows from a diverse investor base through a range of financing instruments, and institutional mechanisms
  • Robust Public Finance frameworks to facilitate prudent and efficient allocation of scarce public resources in a sustainable, growth supporting and equitable manner.


Our work under the Infrastructure and Public Finance practices spans the above areas and covers a range of advisory services for clients including:

  • Private Developers
  • Governments and Regulators
  • Multi-lateral Institutions
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, Institutional Investors


CRISIL’s Infrastructure and Public Finance practice has worked in over 35 countries across South Asia, South-east Asia and Africa.

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