Public Finance

Even as devolution and decentralization of Government spending has slowly but surely taken roots in India and several other emerging economies, there is a need among Governments at various levels (Federal, State and Local levels) to put in place frameworks for managing expenditure better and more efficiently and to allocate and spend funds to deliver development outcomes in prudent, efficient, and transparent manner. 


There is also a need to undertake structural reforms that enable progressive taxation, revenue buoyancy and tap other avenues including disinvestment and asset monetisation, to release greater level of resources to development needs and poverty alleviation. Judicious access to capital market financing of projects of critical importance while being fiscally responsible is another challenge governments need to tackle.


Our services in the area of Public Finance covers the following areas of support to Governments at National, State and Local levels: 

  • Economic Vision and Agenda setting for Governments
  • Governance reforms and Capacity building
  • Fiscal Planning and Debt Management strategy
  • Formulation of enabling policy / regulatory frameworks
  • Feasibility evaluation to establish and operationalize Infrastructure Funds and Institutions
  • Medium term Expenditure management frameworks
  • Strategy and Business Plans for Public sector entities and institutions
  • Asset monetization strategy and implementation
  • Roadmap for accessing Capital Markets
  • Program Implementation support

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