Program Management and Implementation Support

Our Infrastructure Advisory team has advised on various projects in a variety of implementation formats - funded through own resources, multilateral funds, grant funds from State and Central Governments, and public-private partnerships. We are experienced in supporting the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), Industrial Development Corporations, Maritime Boards, Oil Marketing Companies, State Mining Corporations with designing and implementation of projects and reforms.


We have set up Program Management Units (PMUs) and provided following advisory assistance:

  • Capacity building and upgrading the operational capabilities of municipal corporations for implementing various projects
  • Technical, economic and financial evaluation of projects to be implemented
  • Support in designing as well as implementation of reforms and other day-to-day activities in relation to various projects and communications with state and central level ministries
  • Providing assistance in establishment of web-based services for effective monitoring and evaluation of projects and reforms
  • Regular training of various departments to improve their operational capabilities
  • Policy, program and knowledge management support

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  • For any infrastructure services related queries, please contact:
    +91 22 3342 1918