• Quantix, CRISIL’s integrated data and analytics platform, is designed to empower high-quality, efficient decision-making.
  • Quantix is built by leveraging CRISIL's rich, proprietary data, deep-dive research capabilities, and unmatched experience in analytics.
  • With its user-friendly interface and smart tools, Quantix will find ready use in diverse functions across the BFSI sector, corporates and consulting firms including business strategy, deal/loan origination, credit underwriting, risk monitoring, and treasury/investment management.
Qualitative research scheme


  • 60,000+ companies across manufacturing, services and trading segments
  • Classification by industry - using global standard (GICS), and by products - using the NICS classification
  • Companies from pan India covering over 500 districts and cities in India
  • Covers both rated as well as unrated companies (over 20,000 companies from the unrated space)
Qualitative research scheme


  • User-friendly access to information and analytics
  • Web-based platform; access by individual user-id
  • Intuitive user-interface (UI); access the output in easy steps
  • Export the output pages into excel or pdf for internal use
  • Flexible subscription options available








Qualitative research scheme

On Quality of the data

All of the data that is pushed onto the platform is handled by a large team of over 100 data analysts, who follow rigorous QA practices to ensure that any information that is available for consumption is correct. They perform the sanitization of company financials, capture industry specific operational information as well as ensure that any classification of companies done completes a thorough background check.



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