Credit Rating Report


  • CRISIL offers detailed credit rating report at a nominal cost of ₹1000 plus applicable taxes per report
  • Applicable for users who are domiciled in India and using Indian banking system accepted payment methods
  • Please use only official/business email id for your purchases
  • Please click on the checkbox to purchase the desired detailed credit rating report
  • Maximum 3 reports can be downloaded for the month

You can buy detailed credit rating reports in two ways


1. Check the select report box below to select the company’s report

2. You can now add multiple similar industry reports to your selection. Adding multiple saves time. (and also saves money)


Step 1: Click on the + plus sign. The names of companies within the selected industry will appear. This list of companies is alphabetical and a search bar on top of the list is provided.

Step 2: Once you see your desired company name, then click on the name of the company to add the report


You can select a maximum of 3 reports. 



Bundled credit rating report

Industry: | Rating Outstanding as on April 03, 2020

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Select Multiple Report(s)

Your selected reports is here. You can always go back to the previous step and remove a report from your selection.  

Reports Selected

Total amount payable is here. Discounts based on your selection are applied along with statutory levies.   


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