Financial Sector Ratings

CRISIL rates a large number of financial sector entities, including banks and non-banking financial institutions, housing finance companies, securities firms, etc.

CRISIL was the first to assign a financial sector entity rating in 1989. CRISIL occupies prime position in this segment too, with outstanding ratings on 54 banks, representing 90% of India’s banking industry.

CRISIL has also rated the highest number of NBFCs in India (over 80% of the sector).

CRISIL uses the ‘CRAMEL’ framework to rate finance companies. This entails assessment of six major parameters: capital, resource raising ability, asset quality, management, earnings, and liquidity.

In addition, CRISIL also assesses instrument-specific risk factors, and has developed ratings framework and methodologies to evaluate the same.

Bonds and Hybrid Instruments

Our opinion on the timely payment of interest and principal on long-term financial obligations

Bank Loan Instruments and FDs

We estimate the degree of risk regarding timely payment of the bank facility being rated

Short Term Debt

Our opinion on the timely payment of interest and principal on short-term financial obligations

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