The CRISIL Yearbook on the Indian Debt Market
The CRISIL Yearbook on the Indian Debt Market is our annual publication on the corporate bond market in India. It is a comprehensive report on the state of corporate bonds and future prospects  in the space.


CRISIL Inclusix 

CRISIL Inclusix is a comprehensive index for measuring the progress of financial inclusion in the country, down to the district-level. A pro bono initiative by CRISIL, the launch of the index is in line with the company's goal of 'making markets function better'. With its ability to objectively analyse and measure inclusion, CRISIL Inclusix is a key enabler in taking financial services to the bottom of the pyramid. 


The methodology for CRISIL Inclusix is similar to other global indices, such as UNDP's Human Development Index, & measures financial inclusion on the three critical parameters of basic banking services - branch penetration, deposit penetration, and credit penetration. The index uses parameters that focus only on the 'number of people' whose lives have been touched by various financial services, rather than on the 'amounts' deposited or loaned.


CRISIL Inclusix was launched by the former Finance Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram, at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi on June 25, 2013 in the presence of senior leaders from corporate India, and representatives of the government.


SME Connect

CRISIL has completed more than 1.1 Lakh SME Ratings and assessments in the last 12 years. In this period, CRISIL has fostered arrangements with more than 40 banks and financial organizations which use CRISIL SME Ratings as a key input in credit decisions. Besides, CRISIL holds various knowledge partnership and thought leaderships events and seminars with industry bodies such as CII, ASSOCHAM and key industry associations throughout the country.





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