Commercial Paper/Short Term Instruments

CRISIL has assigned ratings to CPs and short term debt since 20 years, and rated issues of over 600 issuers.


CRISIL assigns ratings to CPs as well as short term debt including bank loan facilities on a short term scale, and adopts identical criteria as that for rating instruments with an original contracted maturity of up to one year.


The assigned short term ratings reflect CRISIL's current opinion as to the relative safety of timely payment of interest and principal on the rated financial obligations, which have an originally contracted maturity of less than one year.


The short term debt obligations typically rated by CRISIL include:

  • Non-convertible debentures
  • Inter corporate deposits
  • Commercial papers/certificates of deposits/short-term debt
  • Fixed deposits
  • Loans
  • Structured debt


CRISIL links the short term ratings to the long term ratings of the issuer. CRISIL uses a framework which appropriately captures the key credit drivers for all short
term debt ratings. This takes into account the liquidity position of the borrower, or any liquidity back up and credit enhancement, in addition to the overall credit profile of the issuer.

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