Financial Strength Ratings

Financial Strength Ratings assess an insurance company's ability to meet policyholder obligations. However,  the ratings are not recommendations to purchase or discontinue a policy, contract, or security issued by an insurance company, nor are they guarantees of financial strength.


Our rating methodology for life and non-life insurance companies entails assessing the companies on a standalone basis, as well as assessing the level of parent/government support that they receive.


We evaluate a company on the following criteria:

  • Industry risk and business risks across segments
  • Financials
  • Risk management systems
  • Goals and strategies and projected business plan
  • Parental support

Financial Strength Ratings does not take into account:

  • Timeliness of payment or the likelihood of the use of a defence, such as fraud, to deny claims
  • Any potential that may exist for foreign exchange restrictions to prevent policy obligations from being met (for insurance companies with cross-border or multi-national operations, including those conducted by branch offices or subsidiaries)
  • The insurance company's ability to meet non-policy obligations (debt contracts) 


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