Capital Protection Oriented Fund Ratings

In 2006, we assigned the country's first rating on a Capital Protection-Oriented Fund (CPF). The ratings on CPFs indicate the degree of certainty regarding timely payment of the face value of the units to unit holders on maturity of the scheme. The rating on CPFs is on the structured obligation (so) scale. The rating is not a comment on the scheme's net asset value (NAV) in relation to the face value of the scheme's units at any time before their redemption.


CPF ratings are monitored to analyse the probability of the following:

  • The portfolio value falling below the initially contracted principal value
  • Investors getting their money back in full


Benefits of CPF:

  • Provides investors with an independent opinion on the likelihood of timely repayment of the initial investment in the rated instrument on maturity
  • Allows investors to participate in upturns in the equity market without suffering erosion in value of the investment in case of a downturn

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