Fund House Ratings

Our Fund House Ratings provide CRISIL's current opinion on the level of process quality and risk management capability in fund management practices followed by a fund house. It is a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors. The parameters cover all the critical areas of operation of a mutual fund.


The Fund House Ratings focusses on:

  • Quality of management
  • Financial strength
  • Operational practices
  • Investment processes
  • Risk management systems
  • Client servicing
  • Disclosure practices 


Benefits of Fund House Ratings


For Investors

  • Provides confidence to investors for decision making
  • Helps investors focus on service quality, disclosure practices, and innovation as
    key differentiators in an increasingly competitive fund industry
  • Provides investors with qualitative
    inputs in conjunction with quantitative rating/ranking products to select appropriate investment managers
    and fund products


For Distributors and Advisors


  • Acts as a significant tool in marketing
    fund products

For Fund Houses


  • Provides independent feedback to the management of the fund house about its strengths and weaknesses
  • Allows the fund house to identify best practices in industry, and to benchmark itself against peers
  • Provides assurance to trustees and owners of the fund house about the strength of internal policies, processes, and controls

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