Capital Assessment Model

Our Capital Assessment Model* offers

  • Library of predefined reports with capability of customisation based on institution's requirements
  • Ability to conduct stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Capability of retail pooling and segmentation across geographies, product type, collaterals etc.
  • Ability to calculate specific and general risks for interest rate risk, including securities and derivatives
  • Netting module to allow netting of derivative positions as per RBI guidelines

Technology features

  • Graphical user interface-based
  • Data archival capability for audit/report generation
  • Data drill down capability across Basel II asset classes,
    geographies and entities
  • Enable rectification of erroneous data

Value-added features

  • Built-in statistical approaches for rating model
  • Audit trails of rating changes
  • Ability to develop institutional knowledge through access
    to scores of all rated companies in an industry
  • Ability to customise financial templates based on
    institutional needs

* Product is available separately or as a comprehensive package.

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