Integrated Reporting - Automated Data Flow

Our solution to help banks automate report submission is based on RBI’s guidelines and can be customised to suit local regulatory guidelines. The software’s design is compatible for submission through STP mechanism. The key features of this service are:

  • Ready-to-use solution with more than 200 in-built reporting templates and single data repository to generate regulatory returns
  • Integrated with ETL tool to support data extraction
  • Can generate output in desired format such as PDF
  • Easily extendable to cover internal MIS reporting requirements
  • Dashboard, schedulers, report calendars present
  • Inter-period report comparison and archival
  • Enhances access security features


The critical steps for implementation

  • IRS requires data elements for regulatory returns to be captured in single data repository
  • Some of the elements may not be available in a bank’s source system, a gap the bank will have to fill eventually
  • In the interim, manual data feed for data elements missing from source systems needs to be arranged
  • IRS has enough flexibility to accommodate manual/excel data feeds

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