SME Offerings

With ratings or assessments of over 110,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India, we have been able to expand the market for ratings and improved SMEs' access to affordable finance. We also play a key role in evaluating and benchmarking performance of dealers, vendors, customers, franchisees and partners of large corporates. Our evaluations facilitate a 360 degree insight into the financials, management capabilities and business risks of SMEs, which have helped them optimize and improve their operations.

SME Ratings

Assess the creditworthiness and financial strength of an SME

Enhanced Due Diligence

Introduces your business to banks and financial institutions and helps you meet your borrowing requirements

CRISIL Verified

Get your company independently verified by us


Value-added service which provides an independent verification of an MSME’s presence in the market

Other Gradings

Real Estate Gradings

Analysis of real estate developers and their projects

MFI Gradings

Unbiased gradings of over 271 MFIs

360 Degree

Evaluation of supply-chain network or large corporates and businesses

CRISIL Education Gradings

Grading service for education courses and programmes

Real Estate Agent Verification

Real Estate Agent Verification is an exclusive offering by CRISIL for the clients of

Renewable Energy Gradings

In-depth assessment of renewable energy enterprises

Voluntary Organisation Offerings

Bouquet of evaluation, assessment and screening for stakeholders in the not-for-profit space

Vendor Assessments for GeM

Evaluation of vendors for government e- marketplace


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