CRISIL 360 Degree

Crisil 360 Degree was established with a focus on providing customised evaluations of counterparties that constitute the supply-chain network of large corporates and business portfolio of banks/NBFCs. It is the premier provider of small & medium enterprise assessments.

We play a key role in evaluating and benchmarking performance of dealers and of large corporates and banks/NBFCs. Our evaluations facilitate a 360 degree insight into the financials, management capabilities and business risks of SMEs, which have helped the corporates and financial institutions optimise their operations and engagements with their SME counterparties.


In addition to rating SMEs, CRISIL 360 Degree offers the following services:

CRISIL Dealer Evaluation Service

CRISIL dealer evaluation services help corporate entities benchmark their existing dealer networks and evaluate potential dealers. The assessment framework adopted is a mix of quantitative and qualitative parameters encompassing areas such as Business operations, management and financial risk and the creditworthiness of the entity and its promoters. CRISIL's unique 360 degree evaluation process includes site visits, interfaces with bankers and customers, and detailed analyses of audited balance sheets, profit and loss (P&L) and bank statements. CRISIL also analyses the performance of the dealer's group entities. The analysis culminates in a SWOT analysis and score or grade that is easily comparable to that of other dealers.


Having delivered more than 25,000 vendor/ dealer/ customer evaluation reports to date, CRISIL draws on several universal parameters, benchmarks, and weights to help customise the evaluation exercise to meet the specific needs of corporate entities.


The scope is customized in discussions with corporate client so as to achieve their specific business objectives.

CRISIL Vendor Evaluation Service

Vendors being strategic partners in every business, it is essential to understand the financial and management strengths of vendors, the diversity of their activities, and the business environments in which they function. CRIS-Vens ;provides corporate entities with this critical information. The objective of vendor assessment is to determine the extent to which a particular vendor will be able to meet his/her delivery obligations, both now and in the future. The search for an acceptable supplier can be greatly assisted by adopting a systematic approach to vendor appraisal and evaluation.


CRISIL's analytical strength forms the core of this service. It includes analysis of both financial and non-financial data gathered from the vendor's P&L statement, balance sheet, bank statements, management discussions, and feedback from bankers, customers, suppliers, and other relevant sources. Site visits are also conducted to gather ground-level information.


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