SME Ratings


Our SME Ratings indicates the performance capability and financial strength of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The entity-specific rating reflects the SME’s creditworthiness in relation to other SME.


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Why do you need a CRISIL Rating?

  • A trusted unbiased evaluation
  • Access to funding A good rating from CRISIL carries weight with lenders, and can help SMEs get faster credit at a lower cost.
  • Credibility and confidence building with business partners A CRISIL rating is an indicator of overall credit worthiness of an enterprise arrived at by analysing its operating performance and financial strength. A good rating provides comfort to all your stakeholders.
  • Rating helps improve visibility Rated enterprises get a free listing on The name of the rated entity is also published in CRISIL SME Connect (A journal by CRISIL SME Ratings), reaching out to all leading banks and financial institutions as well as over 1,10,000 SMEs.
  • Useful as a marketing tool Publish your rating on their website, brochures, advertisements, and marketing material.
  • Self-improvement tool Along with the rating, CRISIL gives a detailed, analytical report on the strengths and weaknesses of the rated enterprise. This functions as a powerful self-improvement tool, enabling enterprises to strengthen their operations.

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