Voluntary Organisation Gradings

CRISIL Voluntary Organisation Gradings offers independent opinion on the relative capability of a voluntary organisation to achieve its stated objectives in a sustained manner. It offers credible, objective, and well-researched information in the not-for-profit space, where organisations vie for donor support and donors are looking to support organisations that best suit their social development goals. It also offers a 360° view on the organisation's objectives, performance, and capability.

CRISIL Voluntary Organisation Grading assesses

CRISIL VO Grading evaluates a VO against its peers on two dimensions:

  • Delivery capability: Assessment of a VO's track record, management profile, policies, processes, and programme on a five-point scale.
  • Financial proficiency: Assessment of a VO's ability to manage its revenue and expenditure profile, on a three-point scale.

CRISIL VO Grading advantage

Voluntary organisation

  • Looking to enhance its credibility among its prospective donors
  • Interested in a well-researched opinion to have its strengths and weaknesses assessed
  • Desiring an objective, third-party opinion on its capability to achieve its stated goals
  • Seeks a peer comparison as well as to identify best practices
  • Looking to map its capacity improvement through periodic assessments
  • Looking to reduce due diligence costs



  • Seeking credible opinion on a VO's capability and credentials, as well as its track record
  • Looking for assessment of potential risks a VO is facing  in terms of its approach, operations, as well as its programmes, in comparison with its peers
  • Seeking information on whether the chosen VO meets prescribed standards of operational efficiency, transparency and reporting
  • Desiring a tailor-made assessment tool that fulfils specific needs for information, comparison, analytical expertise, and credibility
  • Looking to reduce due diligence costs


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