Impact Assessment

Funding a programme to increase enrolment of girls in schools?


Running a project to improve financial inclusion in a village?


Want to assess what impact your social intervention project is having on the ground? 


Then CRISIL’s Impact Assessment services is what you need.


They help you work your project with two factors in view - desired outcome and optimal use of resources, across sectors and domains. This enables you to change course if needed to ensure better measurable outcomes. It also enables you as a donor and/or corporate to gauge the social return of investment (SROI) of social development projects against the financial input. 

  • Funding agencies adopt methods based on the objective of the impact measurement, stage of the project, and desired rigour of the exercise

CRISIL's Impact Assessment services help corporates, donors and implementing agencies: 


  • Gain insight to facilitate expected improvement in social development projects
  • Change practices by deploying the service to monitor progress of the project, and improve its quality, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • Assess effects by examining the relationship between project activities and observed consequences

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