Counter Party Risk Assessment

Looking to attract more customers or funding?


Require a dependable SME partner for your supply chain?


We evaluate and benchmark the performance of dealers, vendors and other supply chain counterparties to help you attain your objective. 


Our SME rating facilitates a 360-degree insight into the financials, management capabilities and business risks of SMEs. This enables corporates to optimise their operations and engagements with SME counterparties and financial institutions to establish the SME’s credentials. 

  • CRISIL has vast experience in this segment, having delivered more than 25,000 vendor/ dealer/ customer evaluation reports to date
  • We draw on several universal parameters, benchmarks, and weights to help customise the evaluation exercise to meet the specific needs of corporate entities
  • CRISIL's analytical strength forms the core of this service. It includes analysis of both financial and non-financial data gathered from the vendor's P&L statement, balance sheet, bank statements, management discussions, and feedback from various stakeholders. Site visits are also conducted to gather ground-level information
  • Delivers an independent opinion of overall risk based on business, management, and financial risk assessment
    • Provides analytical inputs which help decision-making. This includes information on the:
    • Sustainability of the business plan and the long-term viability of the unit
    • Management’s ability to run the business successfully in a dynamic environment
    • Extent of financial obligations faced by the entity in relation to its cash-generation capacity
  • Highlights the key strengths and weaknesses of the entity, allowing corrective action when required
  • Enables you to access capital and attract customers based on your credentials

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